The gneiss of ZORA LTD, extracted in the Rhodope Mountain in Bulgaria, is unique and exceptional. It is with rough, extremely tough and resistant to wear and cold. It is manually sliced into thin and tough slabs, which makes it very suitable for exterior tiling and insulation. From an aesthetic point of view this type of tiling and surface adds unique charm to your home, cottage or alley in the garden, as well as the sidewalk, roof or any part of the building you live in. Its colour and hues vary from golden beige to silver grey.



golden-beige color


siver-grey color


Physical and mechanical indices:


Volume weight
2.60 t/m3
Water absorption
Compressive strength:

in dry state

75.30 MPa

in water saturated state
52.80 MPa
after 25 fold freezing
69.80 MPa
Coefficient of wear after Deval
Coefficient of cold resistance

Gneiss slabs are offered in their natural shape - polygonal (not cut), as well as cut in regular rectangular and square shapes.